Premises Liability Accidents And Lawsuits

Losing a loved one is the most difficult thing a person can experience. What’s more? To find out that your loved one passed as a result of an accident that could have been avoided can add another layer of complexity to the experience, as it adds in even more anger and frustration at a third party to an already heavy load of emotions you are experiencing. Though accidents can occur in virtually every given situation, it is important to learn about your rights and protections, as well as your legal recourse options. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX catastrophic injury attorneys take a closer look at accidents that occur on someone else’s property and discuss the key factors behind premises liability matters.

Common Injuries In Premises Liability Cases

It goes without saying that, just as there is a bit of risk in everything we do, the last thing a person wants to experience is an injury or complication while carrying out their day-to-day activities. For instance, a construction worker that is well aware of the dangers surrounding the job and the job site can still obtain an injury if he or she is not careful, or if the company itself is negligent or careless in their safety protections and protocols.

When it comes to injuries sustained on another person’s property, the individual who was injured may have the right to sue under premises liability. More specifically, this area of law governs personal injury claims that arise from injuries sustained on another person or company’s property, and were the result of carelessness or negligence on the property owner’s part. 

Some common injuries that a person might see in matters such as these include fractured bones, spinal cord or head injuries, herniated discs, and internal bleeding. To learn more, give our office a call today.

Defining A Visitor

One factor that is important in determining the outcome of a premises liability case is defining the role of the visitor. Liability in the state of Texas depends largely on the accident victim’s status as an invitee, licensee, or trespasser. An invitee is considered to be visitors on the property for a specific purpose, such as a customer at a store or client invited into an office. If a visitor is determined to be a licensee, this means he or she goes to a property for social reasons, such as visiting a friend at their home. Finally, a visitor can be a trespasser if he or she does not have permission to be on the property. Though a property owner has a duty to warn invitees or licensees of any dangers or risks, a property owner does not owe a similar duty to a trespasser. Speak with our team to learn more. 

The Impact of Texas Law

Texas is a state in which the status of the visitor plays a role in the overall outcome, but this is not the case for all states. Though the internet may be able to shed some light on preliminary information about premises liability, it is always best to consult with an educated and experienced attorney for legal advice regarding your potential premises liability case.

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