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Putting Our Clients

Splash Kingdom

Wild West has a new ride this season that’s already causing accidents. A teenager recently suffered a TBI from the Texas Tornado ride, and this isn’t the first time a major accident has occurred for the park. You can read more details here.

“Our philosophy is simple. We treat each case as if it belongs to a family member.”

Fighting for the Injured

No matter what type of accident you’ve been involved in or what kinds of injuries you’ve suffered, a Dallas personal injury attorney at Crain Brogdon, LLP is prepared to fight for you and win. Our clients can attest to that.

For more than twenty years, our lawyers have been passionate about advocating for our clients’ needs. We understand that filing an injury claim in Dallas is intimidating and overwhelming. That’s why having the right law firm on your side can be critical to the success of your case.

We firmly believe in building relationships with our clients, and we’re committed to helping you and your family get the compensation you deserve.

This is one of the most difficult times in your life. Fortunately, our firm can make the process of recovering compensation for your injuries easier on you. While you focus on physically and emotionally recovering from your injuries, we’ll investigate your case, gather evidence, and build you a bulletproof claim.

With Crain Brogdon, LLP backing you up, you can be sure you’ve got a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer in Dallas working with state-of-the-art tools to recover full compensation for everything you’ve been through.

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As members of this prestigious group of elite attorneys, we’ve shown that we can win million-dollar verdicts for our clients.

Top 50 US Verdicts
Top 50 US Verdicts

Crain Brogdon, LLP was recognized as a firm with one of the top fifty largest verdicts in Texas. It’s a continual honor to achieve great results for our clients.

The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers
The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers

This premier, invitation-only organization only accepts the most qualified attorneys who exemplify superior leadership, skill, and experience as civil trial lawyers.

Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent Rating
Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent Rating

Only attorneys with the greatest professional abilities and ethical standards are awarded this rating. Our firm was honored to be included on this exclusive list in 2015. 

Best Lawyers in Dallas
Best Lawyers in Dallas

Our partners have been included multiple times in the Best Lawyers in Dallas annual selection in personal injury categories.

Texas Super Lawyers
Texas Super Lawyers

Our attorneys have been recognized by our peers for our professional achievements and experience and included in the distinguished list of Texas Super Lawyers.

Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum
Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum

Membership in this select group of attorneys means our firm has secured multi-million-dollar verdicts, settlements, or awards for our clients.


Award Winning Lawyers.

We Get Results

What you really want when you partner with a lawyer is results. Awards and accolades are important when you choose the best lawyer in Dallas, but the ultimate goal is to recover the compensation you deserve or beat your charges. Your goal is our goal, and that’s why we’ll fight hard for you to win. Below are just a few examples of our successes.

$142,000,000 Record Verdict
Fatal Child Care Negligence

An infant asphyxiated after a home child care center negligently left him on his side. Although the owner of the center had no assets to recover, the firm pursued the case on behalf of our client and to address a gap in state law.

Car Accident Causing Tetraplegia

Intense investigation and creative negotiating led a national company to admit an employee was in the course and scope of their employment. Multiple experts presented a state-of-the-art recreation of the accident, while medical experts presented a detailed life-care plan itemizing future medical needs.

Falsification of DOT Log Books

A truck driver rear-ended a car in a construction zone, causing head injuries. The investigation revealed that the driver was driving when his log books indicated he was sleeping. We uncovered multiple violations of important Department of Transportation rules.

Commercial Truck Accident

A tow truck operator was killed when an 18-wheeler drifted onto the shoulder where the operator was working. The defendant claimed the tow truck operator was at fault and only offered $50,000 before trial. The firm persuaded a federal jury to award much more.

Fatal Truck Accident

A delivery truck veered into another lane, causing an 18-wheeler to cross the highway median into an oncoming 18-wheeler. Both trucks caught fire, killing both drivers. We tracked down the delivery driver, who was found to be on drugs at the time of the accident.


A bouncer at a nightclub viciously attacked and injured a patron. Our team successfully argued that the nightclub was legally responsible for the bouncer’s conduct and should compensate our client accordingly.

Sexual Assault

A stepfather sexually assaulted his stepdaughter. In our pursuit of justice for our client, the attorneys at our team spent considerable time and investigative expense to find assets the stepfather attempted to hide.

Construction Accident

Because ground workers and a crane operator were not properly communicating, a 70,000-pound wall fell on and killed a construction worker. Our firm built an operational, scaled model of the crane and recreated the event through accident-reconstruction software to prove fault.

Medical Malpractice Fatality

A young cancer survivor was improperly given massive quantities of magnesium in his post-chemotherapy nutrition (total parenteral nutrition, or TPN). In conjunction with a mild infection, the overdose led to his death. We fought to hold the at-fault parties accountable.

18-Wheeler Accident

A truck driver legally parked on the side of the highway was killed when an 18-wheeler drifted onto the shoulder and hit him. Intensive investigation led not only to eyewitness testimony but also video of the accident’s aftermath, which led to the case’s resolution.

Public Bus Crash

Our investigation led to questions of bus driver fatigue in a case in which a bus crashed into the back of an automobile, injuring the driver. Creative lawyering helped us circumvent legal caps on damages for public entities to achieve full compensation for our client.

Faulty Railing Injury

An apartment balcony railing was not installed pursuant to architectural drawings and collapsed, causing significant injuries for our client. Our firm exposed multiple layers of responsibility, including negligence on the part of the general contractor and subcontractor.

Sexual Assault

Our team fought for compensation for a victim of sexual assault. The perpetrator worked for a national company. This company did not properly screen its worker. We worked tirelessly to secure compensation and justice on behalf of our client.


Making a Difference.

Robert Crain and his team went above and beyond their call of duty to take care of me and my sister after my mother was killed in a drunk driving accident. We owe Robert Crain and his team a lifetime of gratitude for their hard work and generosity. He is honest and is more than a lawyer, he is a beautiful and compassionate man. Thank you Robert.


Quentin was amazing. Helpful, caring, knowledgeable. His partners deserve kudos as well.



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The qualified attorneys at Crain Brogdon, LLP have one goal: to ensure that injury victims across Texas have the legal support they need to get the full compensation they deserve. 

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When You Need a Game Plan.

Virtually any type of accident in Dallas may be grounds for a personal injury claim—as long as another individual or entity is responsible for your injuries. The point is that you likely would not have been injured in an accident if it weren’t for the at-fault party’s negligent or reckless decisions. Our Dallas personal injury law firm represents clients who have suffered many types of accidents and injuries. We’ll build a game plan that matches your unique situation, whether it’s a brain injury or a broken bone.

Common Dallas Personal Injury Case Types

  • Motor Vehicle Collisions – When another driver, a government road authority, or a vehicle parts manufacturer didn’t act with the care necessary to keep others from being harmed by their actions, they may be liable for any injuries suffered in a car accident as a result of their negligence.
  • Premises Liability Claims – These accidents occur when someone is injured after a property owner fails to ensure that their invited guests are safe on their property at all times.
  • Dog Bites – If the owner of a dog fails to maintain control of the dog and the dog bites you, you may have a valid Dallas personal injury claim on your hands.
  • Work Injuries – Under the right conditions, you may be able to pursue personal injury compensation for an injury that occurs at work, which means you may not have to rely on workers compensation benefits alone. Your Dallas injury lawyer can help you determine whether you have a case.
  • Defective Product Injuries – Also known as product liability cases, personal injury claims involving defective products are meant to compensate victims when any product malfunctions and causes an injury.

No matter what type of accident you’ve been injured in—even if we didn’t include it above—you have the right to hold the at-fault parties accountable for their negligence. Our team of Dallas attorneys will work tirelessly to build a powerful case in your favor so that at the end of the day, you aren’t forced to cover the costs associated with your accident and resulting injuries.

Gathering Evidence to Support Your Case

Whether you were hurt by a careless doctor or sideswiped on your motorcycle, you probably already know who should be held financially accountable for your injuries. That’s a great starting point, but you can bet that the at-fault party will try to deny all blame. That’s where we come in.

Proving who is at fault for your injuries and damages is absolutely essential to the success of your personal injury claim, and our Dallas injury attorneys know how to make sure the other party’s carelessness is crystal clear.

When you team up with our personal injury law firm, we’ll take a deep dive into the details of your unique situation. We’ll determine who is at fault and whether more than one party owes you compensation.

As part of our investigation into your case, we’ll gather the evidence necessary to support your claim. Some of the different types of evidence we may collect include video footage, photographs, witness statements, safety inspection reports, expert testimony, police reports, and anything else that may help us win for you.

Your injury lawyer in Dallas will compile and interpret this evidence so that it establishes liability on the part of the defendant in your case. While you focus on recovering from your injuries, we’ll be working tirelessly to build you a powerful claim against any and every party who might have contributed to the cause of your accident.

Your Lawyer Will Fight For Your Rights

Here’s the bottom line: If someone else injured you because they were being negligent or reckless in any way, you have a right to compensation under Texas law. On top of that, you have a right to see that justice is done and that the person who harmed you is held fully accountable.

Unfortunately, at-fault parties, their lawyers, and insurance companies don’t want you to get what you’re owed, and they certainly don’t want to be held accountable. That’s why it can be so helpful to work with a qualified personal injury attorney in Dallas. When the other side is fighting hard to deny your right to compensation and justice, you need someone on your side who can fight back. We’re here to protect your rights. Fighting for your rights means handling all the hard parts of your case from day one to the day you’re fully compensated. It also means dealing with insurance companies that will do almost anything to avoid their responsibility to compensate you. We’re experienced and knowledgeable attorneys who can help you navigate negotiations, court, and the various Texas laws that could make or break your case.

Winning the compensation you deserve after an injury involves more than just some paperwork—although there’s plenty of paperwork that we’ll take care of for you. You need to start your case off strong, and above all, you need to win. We’re here to make that happen. Teaming up with our firm could make all the difference in your case, whether you’re in Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Houston, or San Antonio.

The Problem with Insurance Companies

The exchange between injury victims and insurance companies should be simple: You were hurt by the policyholder, so the insurer owes you compensation and gives it to you. Unfortunately, that’s rarely how it actually plays out. The insurance industry is for-profit, meaning every time they pay out on a claim, they lose money. That’s clearly not in their best interest. So what do they do? Whatever they can to deny your claim or reduce the amount they owe you. Insurance adjusters do this in a few ways. One is by trying to settle your claim fast. You would think that this would be good news, but what they’re doing is tempting you with fast cash because they know you need the money. They offer you far less than you deserve and hope you’ll take it.

The other way insurance adjusters try to get out of compensating you is by asking you for a statement about the accident. They do it casually enough, making it seem like they just need to know what happened so they can settle your claim faster. They’re actually trying to get you to say something they can twist and use against you to reduce the monetary value of your claim.

Whether you’re dealing with an auto insurer, commercial trucking company, homeowners insurance, or any other kind of insurance company, our Dallas injury law firm can handle negotiations, protect you from their dishonest tactics, and make sure you’re fully compensated for all of your damages.

Texas Laws That Could Impact Your Case

Before you begin your claim, you need to be aware of how Texas laws will affect your case. Two important considerations are the statute of limitations and shared fault laws.

The statute of limitations is the amount of time you’ll have to file your claim. For a personal injury claim, you’ll generally have two years from the date of your injuries. However, this date can be extended if you weren’t aware of your injuries until some time after your accident.

As for shared fault laws, Texas adheres to modified comparative negligence. This means that claimants who are partially responsible for causing their accidents can still seek compensation for their losses from the other at-fault parties.

Opposing lawyers and at-fault parties often use this rule to try to escape liability altogether. Fortunately, an experienced personal injury attorney from our firm can help you show that the other party was mostly to blame and you deserve compensation.

It’s easy to confuse the various laws and rules, which is why working with an attorney whose job it is to know these things boosts your chance of filing a successful injury claim.

Achieving Maximum

Every Dollar You Deserve for Your Damages

Economic Damages
Economic Damages

Your economic damages are those that affect you financially. These may seem obvious at first, but it’s important to consider the future economic costs of your injury, as well. For example, you can add up all of the medical bills you’ve received, but what about that surgery you’re scheduled to have three months from now? You’ll also need to consider your lost wages and property damage. An attorney at our firm will help you account for every way your injuries have impacted your wallet.

Non-Economic Damages
Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are those that have influenced you in ways that don’t necessarily involve money. Some examples of non-economic damages include loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, emotional distress, scarring and disfigurement, and pain and suffering. Although these damages don’t affect you in dollars and cents, they can have a profound effect on your daily life. We believe you deserve compensation for that, and we can help you prove it by securing expert testimony, gathering evidence, and crafting a compelling argument.

Punitive Damages
Punitive Damages

Punitive damages, also referred to as exemplary damages, are meant to punish the at-fault party for egregious negligence or malicious behavior that results in injuries. Although these damages aren’t awarded as often as economic and non-economic damages, your attorney can help you make your case for them. An award of exemplary damages can significantly increase the value of your Dallas personal injury claim. No matter your situation, your attorney can help you recover maximum compensation.


Frequently Asked

Will my personal injury case go to court?

It’s possible. It really depends on whether the other side is willing to accept responsibility and compensate you properly for your injuries. If negotiations are successful, you’ll be issued your settlement and we won’t have to go to court. But if the insurance company or negligent party fails to negotiate fairly, we’ll be ready to bring them to court. We aren’t going to let them keep you from the compensation you deserve.

Can I file a personal injury claim on behalf of my child?

As your child’s parent, you are able to file a claim for them because they are not legally able to pursue their case on their own. Although they can’t bring a claim as a minor, they are still entitled to compensation for their damages. As the parent, it’s your right to be your child’s advocate.

What if I can’t afford an attorney?

If you’re working with our firm, you won’t need to worry about that. We work with our clients on a contingency fee agreement, which means you aren’t expected to pay anything up front. In fact, you won’t have to pay at all unless we win your personal injury case.

Can I sue a government agency for negligence?

If they are responsible for your accident and injuries, you may be able to sue a government agency for their negligent actions. While you can hold them accountable for your losses and the harm they’ve inflicted on you, you should keep in mind that Texas law limits the amount you’re able to recover from government agencies. Also note that you will likely have a shorter-than-usual amount of time to file your claim.

Can I file a lawsuit if a loved one died because of someone else’s negligence?

If a loved one has passed away after being involved in an accident, you might be able to file a wrongful death claim against whoever is responsible for what happened. This is similar to a personal claim, but the damages will be paid to the surviving spouse, children, parents, or estate of the deceased. Your attorney can examine the details of your case and help you seek justice through a wrongful death claim.

Call a Dallas Personal Injury Attorney at Our Firm

When you need legal representation after you’ve been injured in an accident of any kind, a top-rated Dallas personal injury lawyer at Crain Brogdon, LLP can help you get the maximum available compensation out of your personal injury claim.

This is an important moment in your life. You need compensation for your damages, and that means you can’t afford to lose. That’s why it’s time to call a lawyer who can win for you. You can schedule your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer today by giving our office a call at 214-301-5007 or filling out the brief contact form at the bottom of this page.