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Our Burn Injury Lawyers Represent Your Interests

A burn injury can leave you struggling with severe pain and other conditions, like infections. If someone else caused your injury, you need a Dallas burn injury lawyer to help you recover damages.

Those who have been victims of fires or suffered other burn injuries are often left feeling both physical and psychological pain. Of all serious injuries, burn injuries have among the most painful and lengthy healing processes. Unfortunately, burns are often severe, needing both immediate and long-term care to repair the damage. That means high bills, long hospital stays, and prolonged pain in many cases.

After an accident, the chances are good that you’ve suffered a few injuries of different levels of severity. In addition to being worried about the long-term effects of a burn injury, you may also worry about whether you’ll be able to go back to work or pay your bills. If your injuries were due to a house fire, you might worry about where you and your family will live.

How Our Dallas Burn Injury Lawyer Can Make a Difference in Your Case

Negligence on the part of someone else, whether it was your landlord who didn’t follow safety regulations or your employer who didn’t follow the OSHA guidelines for workplace safety, means that party may be liable for your injuries. Regardless of who is at fault, those who should pay you compensation will fight every step of the way and try to pay the lowest possible settlement.

Landlords, insurance adjusters, or companies may seek to deny you compensation for the damages for your accident. They’ll have lawyers on their side to minimize the seriousness of your injuries or the extent of the property damage you suffered. Without legal support, going up against these people will mean you receive less compensation than you deserve. That’s why you can turn to our team.

We Fight for Compensation You Deserve for Your Burn Injuries

Our Dallas burn injury lawyers at Crain Brogdon represent you and ensure your rights are protected. We also make sure that those responsible for your accident are held accountable.

If you’ve been seriously burned because someone else was careless, you need our Dallas burn injury lawyer on your side. We can help you prepare your claim while you heal so that you can focus on your recovery, not just your claim. Call us today at 214-522-9404 for a free consultation about your case.

Who’s at Fault for Your Burns?

Our Experienced Dallas Burn Injury Lawyer Can Help Determine Fault

Knowing who’s responsible for the accident will help you and your lawyer get started on your lawsuit or claim for damages after you’ve suffered a serious burn in Dallas. Understanding who is responsible in which kinds of circumstances helps our burn injury lawyers determine who the negligent or responsible party is.

Establishing responsibility for some types of accidents is fairly straightforward. At other times, the situation can be less clear. Assigning responsibility to all parties involved, possibly even including you, can be tricky. This is where the advice and expertise of a Dallas burn injury lawyer can help. Our experienced burn injury lawyers understand the nuances of personal injury and negligence laws, and we will help present the facts that support your case.

How Burn Injuries Happen

Common types of accidents that lead to burn injuries include:

Car Accidents

Anytime you’re in a vehicle collision, there’s a chance that a fire will start, especially if the gas tank was impacted. You might have been burned because another driver was careless behind the wheel or was engaged in reckless driving, including driving under the influence.

It’s also possible that the car itself may be prone to catching on fire. In this case, the designer of the vehicle or its manufacturer could be to blame for creating a defective product. Your Dallas burn injury attorney may decide to file a defective product claim.

Truck Accidents

An 18-wheeler wreck puts you at an even higher risk than a car crash. If the truck’s cargo was flammable, you might have been badly burned in an accident. In these cases, the driver, their employer, or both may be the responsible party. Establishing responsibility in a truck accident can be more complicated than a collision involving two passenger vehicles. In just this type of case, you need one of our experienced burn injury lawyers in Dallas to advocate for you. We do not shy away from a fight with trucking companies or their insurers.

Defective or Malfunctioning Products

Whether your phone shorted out and burned you or an appliance caught fire in your home, defective products can cause serious injuries. You’ll need to find the manufacturer and file a claim against them. Malfunctioning products may include everyday household items or even be defective or poorly designed vehicles.

On-the-Job Injuries

Some job sites are more hazardous than others, but just about any type of job carries a risk of a building catching on fire or malfunctioning equipment causing a fire or burns.

Unfortunately, you might have been burned in a work accident that was not covered by workers’ compensation. You may need our lawyer’s help to find the person responsible, whether it’s your employer or a third party.

Oilfield-Related Burn Injuries

Working in the oil and gas industry is a hazardous occupation. Burns are common for many workers, and filing a negligence case against the company may be difficult. While you may have workers’ compensation available, it may not cover the complete treatment of your burns.

Regardless of how your injury happened, you can count on the experience of our team of burn injury lawyers at Crain Brogdon to provide you skilled legal representation. Our sole focus is getting you compensation you deserve so you can heal and move forward with your life.

The Dangers of Apartment Fires

Our Dallas Burn Injury Attorney Can Help You Build a Case Against the Landlord

Although burn injuries can occur in a multitude of ways, the most common circumstances are fires at home. Apartment or multi-family home fires can be devastating, with more risk of a blaze starting than in a single-family home simply because there are more opportunities for a fire to start.

Kitchens are the most common room where fires start, especially during cooking. In fact, frying is the leading cause of house fires and burn injuries, according to a report by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

The NFPA reports that cooking equipment is especially dangerous, accounting for the following:

  • 46% of all home structure fires
  • 44% of fire injuries in the home
  • 19% of fire deaths in the home.

Space heaters, smoking inside, and candles are also significant contributors to home fires.

Although small space heaters are dangerous, all types of heating equipment can cause fires. Defective or malfunctioning heating equipment played a role in 20% of home fire deaths, according to the NFPA. These include wood stoves and fixed HVAC equipment.

Smoking, while not the chief cause of house fires, is the most deadly, playing a role in two-thirds of deaths in a house fire. This is because people may smoke in bed or on the couch, and the cigarette or ash can quickly ignite flammable fabrics and bedding.

Many of these home fire causes can be attributed to the resident. However, you may suffer from an apartment fire due to the recklessness or negligence of a neighbor and may be entitled to damages.

Other causes of home fires, both in single-family and multi-family homes, include electrical wiring and lighting equipment. The NFPA estimates that faulty wiring and appliances caused 16% of home fire deaths and 9% of fire injuries, including burns.

An apartment fire may be caused by negligence on the part of the building owner or property management company. Landlords are obligated to ensure tenant safety.

The duties of landlords include keeping up with proper maintenance of the structure, installing appropriate safety features, and doing due diligence when accepting new tenants. Due diligence reduces the chances that irresponsible or reckless tenants may cause fires in a shared building.

Is My Landlord Negligent and Responsible for My Burn Injuries?

Home fires can result in painful, severe, and often life-changing injuries. As a tenant, you have the right to a safe and secure home. Landlords in Dallas are required to follow specific regulations for tenant safety and fire prevention. If they violate these regulations through carelessness or neglect, they can then be held liable for your injuries and property damage. Rely on our team of Dallas burn injury lawyers to fight aggressively on your behalf. We are undeterred when someone tries to shirk from their responsibility for your burn injuries.

Is Your Landlord Compliant with Texas Laws?

The state of Texas and the federal government both have laws about the responsibilities of landlords. Apartments categorized as Section 8 Housing have certain federal regulations and standards that landlords must adhere to.

If you’re a tenant who was injured in a fire, your landlord could be held liable for injuries to residents and their guests. One of the first things that our Dallas burn injury lawyer will inspect is the Fire Marshal’s report and indications of whether your landlord was compliant with all safety regulations.

Smoke detectors are mandatory in all rental units. However, if they aren’t installed in the right place or aren’t working properly, the landlord may be liable if there’s a fire. Apartment smoke alarms should be hard-wired with a battery backup. Some types of multi-family and rental housing are also required to have fire extinguishers on the property or fire suppression systems built into the building.

Our Dallas burn injury attorney will also check the regulations that pertain to your residence and will determine whether your landlord followed them.

Can I File a Negligence Lawsuit Against My Landlord?

If you live in rental housing and you’ve suffered injuries or property damage from a house fire, it’s critical to consult with our Dallas burn injury attorney as soon as possible. Landlords will often try to use the language of the lease to pressure tenants not to pursue a lawsuit; they might even attempt to convince you that you’re the one at fault. Your lawyer represents your interests and will protect your rights, keeping the landlord and their lawyers from taking advantage of you.

For example, your lease agreement may have terminology stating that you, as the tenant, waive your right to a jury trial if you file a suit against the landlord. However, Texas courts have deemed that this is not enforceable.

It’s crucial to have good legal representation from burn injury lawyers who understand your rights. Call us today at 214-522-9404 to discuss your case.

What Should I Do After I’ve Been Burned in an Accident?

If you’ve been burned in an accident, the first course of action should be to call 911 for the fire department and emergency responders. No matter the cause of the accident, your safety should be the first priority. However, following the proper protocols after an accident can help our Dallas burn injury lawyer build your case for damages.

Remain Calm

Burn injuries are excruciating, and you may be tempted to blame someone else for causing your accident. It’s okay to be upset because you’re in pain, but be careful about making accusations or placing blame on others for the accident. Anything you say after an accident may be used against you by the other party.

Get Immediate Medical Treatment

Burns are quite susceptible to infections. Getting prompt medical treatment is crucial to protect your health and improve your chances of healing. Emergency responders are trained to treat burns, and calling 911 and receiving specialized care, including transfer to a burn unit at the hospital, can make a difference in saving your life.

After you have been treated, the photos of your burns and the doctor’s reports will be part of the evidence that our burn injury attorney uses to support your claim.

Locate Witnesses

Write down the names and contact information of anyone who may have witnessed your accident. These people could be co-workers if you suffered an accident in the workplace or people nearby when you were burned in a car wreck. If you had a house fire, then your neighbors’ names would be necessary.

Our burn injury lawyers will also look for any video evidence, such as CCTV or photographs of your accident.

Hire a Dallas Burn Injury Attorney

As soon as you’re able, retain services from a personal injury lawyer with experience handling burn cases. The other party’s insurance company may pressure you to settle quickly for a pittance. Or your landlord or employer may try to persuade you not to file a suit. You need someone on your side who understands the law, to protect you and your rights.

Understanding Burn Injuries and Their Severity

Burn injuries are classified into three categories. Often in burn accident cases, the damages you’re awarded may be calculated based on the degree of each burn type and how extensively it covers your body.

First Degree (Superficial Thickness)

This is an injury to the uppermost layer of skin, or epidermis. The skin appears red but will turn white when you apply pressure. Sunburns are a common type of first-degree burn. They are painful but rarely require serious medical treatment.

Second Degree (Partial Thickness – Superficial)

Second-degree burns are injuries to both the epidermis and the second layer of skin, the dermis. Blisters are common, and the skin will look dry and have a whitish color. Depending on how deep the burn damage goes, a skin graft may be necessary.

Third Degree (Partial Thickness – Deep)

Third-degree burns indicate severe damage to both layers of skin and may even damage the muscle and tissue below. They’re subject to infection, and you’ll need ongoing medical care and often a skin graft to treat them.

FAQs About Burn Injury Cases

Our Dallas Burn Injury Attorneys Answer Common Questions

Each case is different. Our lawyer will ask for monetary compensation to cover the costs of your medical treatment and skin grafts, plus property damages if your belongings were damaged in a fire.

Suppose that you were injured due to an apartment fire or a defective product. In that case, your lawyer may seek punitive damages, as well as financial damages against the party responsible for your accident.

If we cannot reach an agreement on a settlement with the responsible party, we’ll take your case to court. We’re committed to fighting for your rights!

Unfortunately, severe burn injuries can be life-threatening or fatal. If your loved one died from burns suffered through an accident, we would pursue a wrongful death case on your behalf. You may be entitled to damages that include loss of companionship and loss of earning potential if your loved one provided financially for you or your children.

The parties named in the lawsuit will be those who share some responsibility in ensuring that you have a safe workplace, your home is secure, or that a product works as intended and isn’t dangerous. Therefore, a landlord, employer, or product manufacturer could be named in the suit.

Do you have additional questions about your burn injury case? Contact our team to discuss the circumstances of your injuries and find out how we can help you.

Choose an Experienced Dallas Burn Injury Lawyer

Turn to Our Winning Team at Crain Brogdon for Help

Burn injuries are a serious matter. These injuries could linger and leave you struggling with pain, impairment, and scarring. Damages from burns leave you suffering, all because another person was negligent with your safety.

Fortunately, you don’t have to fight back alone after you’ve been burned. At Crain Brogdon, we understand that these injuries are difficult to recover from, so we’ll help make your claim as simple as possible. We will help you take the time you need for your recovery without neglecting your personal injury claim.

If you’re struggling after a serious burn, reach out to our Dallas burn injury attorneys for a free consultation. Before you sign anything, we’ll cover what we offer and how we can help.

When you work with us, you have representation from a team with a winning record. Our case results speak for themselves. When you contact us, your call is obligation-free so that you can get the answers you need now.

To take advantage of our free consults, contact our Dallas burn injury lawyer by calling Crain Brogdon at 214-522-9404 or completing the online form below.

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