Life-Altering Effects Of Brain Injuries

The human brain is an incredible and necessary organ that is capable of doing so much. As such, it is important we take steps necessary to care for it and keep it safe, such as wearing a helmet while riding a bike or motorcycle and attending regular primary care doctor visits. In some situations, however, damage can occur quickly and without warning, resulting in a spectrum of potential outcomes. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX catastrophic injury attorneys take a look at the life-altering effects of brain injuries and what our attorneys can do to help your case.

Understanding the Human Brain

The brain is the control of the entire human body. From your motor movements to your ability to remember or recall, the brain is responsible for it all. Not only does this organ control movement and memory, but it is responsible for sense interpretation, behavior, and functions as the overall seat of intelligence. With this in mind, it goes without saying that the brain is essential.

When an individual experiences a significant brain injury, however, you can expect complications to arise. Depending on the area of the brain that is injured, a person could experience a disconnect between the brain’s command to move a limb and the limb’s ability to respond. Another example might include behavioral concerns that arise as a result of damage to the prefrontal cortex. These are just a few of the many potential issues that can arise from a brain injury, and the bottom line is to do what you can to keep yourself protected and safe.

In the event a brain injury results from another person’s carelessness or negligence, you may have endured a catastrophic personal injury and may be entitled to compensation. To learn more about this process, give our team a call today.

Ways It Affects One’s Life

If a brain injury is sustained, you can expect both short- and long-term effects. Additionally, the extent of impact will depend largely on the size and degree of the injury sustained. For example, individuals experiencing a moderate traumatic brain injury may experience serious difficulties with education, employment, and personal relationships, in addition to changes in thinking, learning, concentrating, feeling, memory, behavior, and sleep patterns. Severe traumatic brain injuries can be accompanied by amnesia or extended coma. Moreover, individuals with this type of injury may experience profound, lasting changes in hearing, speech, impulse control, hearing, vision, memory, attention, and coordination.

Why You Need Appropriate Representation

A traumatic brain injury can occur in a blink of an eye, impacting your life forever. If an individual or company is found liable for the injury sustained due to their own negligence or carelessness, it is important to respond wisely. Our team of seasoned catastrophic injury attorneys can help you through every step of this process, starting with your free initial consultation.

Fighting for Your Rights

It only takes a second to sustain a brain injury, and you and your family should be aware of your legal rights in the event a major brain injury occurs. Contact Crain Brogdon LLP in Dallas, TX by calling (214) 522-9404 to schedule your free initial consultation with our team and learn how our team can help you obtain the compensation you deserve in your catastrophic personal injury matter.


Attorney Quentin Brogdon

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Life-Altering Effects Of Brain Injuries

The human brain is an incredible and necessary organ that is capable of doing so much. As such, it is important we take steps necessary to...