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Why We Need Personal Injury Protections

In a recent community blog post, we touched on the newly finalized NHTSA safety rule that requires light trucks and cars to have automatic emergency braking starting in 2029. Though this rule is in place specifically to address the issue of roadway safety, it is one of many that are intended to increase safety precautions […]

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NHTSA Finalizes AEB Rule To Reduce Collisions

This past Monday, April 29, 2024, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) finalized the Automatic Emergency Braking Systems for Light Vehicles rule. The new Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard will make automatic emergency braking (AEB) standard on all passenger cars and light trucks by September of 2029. The goal is to […]

Crain, Brogdon Named Two Of The Best Lawyers In Dallas

Fostering genuine relationships with our fellow lawyers and community members helps us not only show our support of their efforts, but   allows us to connect in a meaningful way with the community around us. On Wednesday the 24th, your Dallas, TX catastrophic injury attorneys attended D Magazine’s Best Lawyers in Dallas reception, where they […]

Giving Back To Our Dallas Community

Being a part of a community is an amazing thing. With a community, we learn about shared values and beliefs, as well as different cultures and ideas. Moreover, a community is what helps us as individuals develop our own sense of identity. Many people can benefit greatly from community involvement, and we would not be […]

Tourist Killed in Zambia Animal Attack

Anyone can become injured at any given time, and it only takes a moment for that injury to change someone’s life forever. When individuals experience injuries at the fault of another person, complex emotions and anger can easily cloud one’s better judgment. But what are your options moving forward when an accident results in a […]

Staying Involved In Our Community

As your personal injury attorneys, we strive to fight for your rights and are dedicated to helping you through your case. When we aren’t in court or negotiating with opposing counsel for nothing short of appropriate compensation for your injuries, we like to be involved in our community. Our community has greatly contributed to what […]

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Free Events In Dallas This May

The weather is continuing to get nicer as Spring rolls in full-force. With the beautiful flowers, lovely Spring breezes, and such a rich culture around us, many people will have no issue finding something to do or an event to attend that appeals to them. Every week, your Dallas, TX catastrophic injury attorneys like to […]

Why We Need Personal Injury Protections

In a recent community blog post, we touched on the newly finalized NHTSA safety rule that requires light trucks and cars to have...

When Extreme Damage Results In A Traumatic Brain Injury

Different areas of the law outline specific protections for individuals should they become harmed as the result of someone else’s negligence. Though personal injury may be the umbrella term to cover the various situat...

Truck Crashes And Culpability In Texas

Automobile crashes can lead to catastrophic damage, and with five-lane highways and a culture of aggressive driving, it is no...