Giving Back To Our Dallas Community

Being a part of a community is an amazing thing. With a community, we learn about shared values and beliefs, as well as different cultures and ideas. Moreover, a community is what helps us as individuals develop our own sense of identity. Many people can benefit greatly from community involvement, and we would not be who we are today if it was not for ours. In today’s community blog, your Dallas, TX catastrophic injury attorneys highlight a few ways we like to give back to the very community that helped shape us, as well as suggest different ways you can become involved in your community.

Staying Involved

Growing up, you likely have heard about or came across several local events, fundraisers, and more that — whether you were aware or not — served your community. Indeed, these events can range from walk-a-thons and marathons to car washes, local concerts, and even school-wide efforts across different campuses. These are only a few of the various options out there, and fortunately, all you have to do is check out your local newsletter or search for community events happening near you on such sites as Visit Dallas, and more.

Though we spend much of our time working with individuals through and beyond their catastrophic injury claims, we take care to utilize our free time to help support local organizations. To learn more about organizations we support, give our team a call today.

Ways We Give

One way our firm supports local is through alumni efforts at our alma maters. Indeed, three of our own staff are Highland Park High School Alums, and several children who have attended or currently attend themselves. We also volunteer and support at Faith Restore, whose tagline is “serving the needs of the community.” Here, our own Javier Perez Law participated in the third annual back-to-school bash, and we look forward to helping our young learners in future efforts.

Supporting Our Tribe

Having a community you are a part of is a special thing, and being able to not only help one another but help increase support for other organizations is a great use of time and energy. If Contact Crain Brogdon LLP in Dallas, TX by calling (214) 522-9404 to learn more today or schedule your free initial consultation.


Attorney Quentin Brogdon

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