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Dead person on the street after an accident at roadworks. Result of non-compliance with health and safety regulations

Have You Been Injured On A Construction Site?

Whether you are performing your job or simply walking to get from one place to another, you have an expectation to achieve your goal without fear of harm (i.e. performing necessary job duties or getting to your destination, respectively). Though this may be true for several individuals, many others might not relate due to the […]

Texas Pedestrian Accidents and Top Contributing Factors

By now you may be aware of the staggering vehicle accident statistics that accompany the state of Texas. With so many traffic fatalities and catastrophic...

Automobile Accidents With Catastrophic Outcomes

In one of our previous blogs, we took a closer look at the rule finalized by the NHTSA to reduce collisions in the United States....

Brogdon Speaks On Gov. Abbott’s Murder Pardon

In recent news, Governor Greg Abbott issued a full pardon for Daniel Perry, a former army sergeant who was convicted of the murder of Garre...