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Understanding Your Wrongful Death Claim

Losing a loved one is devastating. Whether their death was the result of natural causes or of an unexpected accident, the permanency and gravity of the situation itself can be difficult to grapple with. What’s more? Learning your loved one’s death could have been caused by another party’s negligence or carelessness and therefore could have […]

Tourist Killed in Zambia Animal Attack

Anyone can become injured at any given time, and it only takes a moment for that injury to change someone’s life forever. When individuals experience injuries at the fault of another person, complex emotions and anger can easily cloud one’s better judgment. But what are your options moving forward when an accident results in a […]

Premises Liability And Incidents That Could Cause Them

As you may know, personal injury law is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of incidents in which a person becomes injured as a result of another person’s or company’s negligence. These injuries can occur in various ways, as well as to varying degrees, and what your legal options look like will depend […]

Life-Altering Effects Of Brain Injuries

The human brain is an incredible and necessary organ that is capable of doing so much. As such, it is important we take steps necessary to care for it and keep it safe, such as wearing a helmet while riding a bike or motorcycle and attending regular primary care doctor visits. In some situations, however, […]

Recognized Experience For Catastrophic Injury Claims

An unexpected accident can have devastating impacts for you and your loved ones, and experiencing a life-threatening injury as a result of that accident can be traumatic, costly, and burdensome. If the incident was the result of another person’s negligence, however, you could obtain compensation for your pain and suffering with the help of a […]

Staying Involved In Our Community

As your personal injury attorneys, we strive to fight for your rights and are dedicated to helping you through your case. When we aren’t in court or negotiating with opposing counsel for nothing short of appropriate compensation for your injuries, we like to be involved in our community. Our community has greatly contributed to what […]

The Baltimore Bridge Accident And Its Impacts

It goes without saying that major disasters of any kind can lead to lifelong, negative impacts for several parties involved. Though we may make efforts to maintain safety and follow regulations, not every accident appears preventable, and sometimes it may only take mere minutes for disaster to set in. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX […]

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Free Events In Dallas This May

The weather is continuing to get nicer as Spring rolls in full-force. With the beautiful flowers, lovely Spring breezes, and such a rich culture around us, many people will have no issue finding something to do or an event to attend that appeals to them. Every week, your Dallas, TX catastrophic injury attorneys like to […]

Prioritizing Safety Through Premises Liability

Your brain is the most important organ in your body, as it is responsible for all cognitive and motor skills, vision, breathing, memory, emotions, and all processes that regulate our bodies. When you fall or suffer a major injury such as a severe spinal cord or head injury, there is a lot at stake, as […]

Accidents With Potentially Catastrophic Outcomes

When catastrophic injuries strike, you can be certain that lifelong impacts are to follow. Unlike accidents that can result in a sprain or cut, a catastrophic injury is one that causes severe damage and requires significant, if not lifelong, medical intervention. Even worse, wrongful death is a common outcome of a catastrophic injury, and you […]

Why We Need Personal Injury Protections

In a recent community blog post, we touched on the newly finalized NHTSA safety rule that requires light trucks and cars to have...

When Extreme Damage Results In A Traumatic Brain Injury

Different areas of the law outline specific protections for individuals should they become harmed as the result of someone else’s negligence. Though personal injury may be the umbrella term to cover the various situat...

Truck Crashes And Culpability In Texas

Automobile crashes can lead to catastrophic damage, and with five-lane highways and a culture of aggressive driving, it is no...