Free Events In Dallas This May

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The weather is continuing to get nicer as Spring rolls in full-force. With the beautiful flowers, lovely Spring breezes, and such a rich culture around us, many people will have no issue finding something to do or an event to attend that appeals to them. Every week, your Dallas, TX catastrophic injury attorneys like to take a break from our educational content and highlight some fun-filled events taking place in the community. In today’s blog, we look at free events taking place this coming May and encourage our Dallas community to attend.

Museum Murder Mystery: An Artful Game of Clue

Connecting with others in your community can be a rewarding and enriching experience. After all, what are we if not our interactions and connection with others? If you enjoy a good mystery and also are a fan of the arts, then this first event might be for you. On Sunday, May 5, 2024, the Dallas Museum of Art is hosting a Clue-inspired murder mystery party in which participants will solve the mystery of Oedipus’ murder, including determining the location and the weapon of the crime. Participation is free, and to learn more information or sign up, you can check out the event page here.

Women In Art: A Joyful Journey Experience

We are strong supporters of the arts, and what better way to spend a day than to learn about life stories, experiences, and journeys of several artists through their medium of choice? On Saturday May 11, 2024 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Art on Main, join others in honoring and empowering women artists who have shared their experiences through paintings, drawings, ceramics, and more. More information can be found on the event page.

Dallas Memorial March

Finally, with the month of May comes Memorial Day. Starting in 2011,veteran U.S. Navy SEALs Stephen Holley and Clint Bruce completed a 20-hour, 11-minute Memorial March around White Rock Lake in Dallas. On Sunday, May 26, the day before Memorial day, the Dallas Memorial March will take place beginning in Reverchon Park. It is free for all to attend, and you can check out the event here to learn more or sign up.

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