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Don’t let the person or persons who caused your auto wreck injuries get away with it. A highly trained vehicle accident attorney in Houston can help you get the money you need to put this traumatizing experience behind you.

Motor vehicle accidents are arguably one of the most severe types of accidents you could be involved in. Those who survive car crashes are known to endure catastrophic injuries, including amputations, traumatic brain damage, third-degree burns, and spinal cord injuries, to name a few.

With injuries this serious, it’s no wonder families end up struggling financially while they are unable to continue working. That’s where your Houston vehicle accident lawyer at Crain Brogdon, LLP. can come in handy. Our firm has dedicated our practice to assisting auto collision survivors across Houston and all over the state.

If you are ready to regain control of your life after a motor vehicle accident, you’ve come to the right place. We will do whatever it takes to bring the at-fault party to justice so you can seek compensation for your losses.

Culpability in Auto Wrecks

Establishing fault is essential for your claim to succeed. Car accidents happen for countless reasons, but some of the most frequently seen causes of auto wrecks include the following:

  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • Inclement weather
  • Aggressive driving
  • Defective car parts
  • Dangerous roadways
  • Disreputable technicians
  • Fatigued driving
  • Environmental hazards

No matter what the cause, there is generally someone deemed to have been acting negligent, which resulted in the accident. For instance, if a driver chose to get behind the wheel after consuming one too many alcoholic beverages, they would be liable for any damage they caused while driving. Or, if your accident was caused by a faulty car part, the manufacturer could have a claim brought against them.

Shared Fault and Your Auto Wreck Claim

If you think you don’t have a case because you did something that contributed to your car crash, you are likely mistaken. Shared fault is also referred to as modified comparative negligence in Texas, which means you have the right to file a claim even if you played a part in the cause of the accident.

Here’s the catch: Your award will be decreased by the amount of fault you carry, and if you exceed 50 percent liability, you will lose the right to seek compensation for your losses from the other involved party.

Why the Insurance Company Isn’t on Your Side

Auto insurance is designed to protect you in the event of a collision, but that doesn’t mean the insurance company is going to settle your claim without a fight. Every time an insurer settles a claim, the company loses money, which means they’ll do everything they can to pay you less than you deserve.

You’d be surprised at just how far the insurance company is willing to go to settle your claim for as little as possible. The most exploitative of adjusters will befriend you and then use your words against you in court. This is why it’s typically in your best interest to have your attorney communicate with the insurer on your behalf so your award is protected at all costs.

The Value of Your Car Crash Claim in Houston

Securing the repayment you’re entitled to is one of the primary reasons for the pursuit of an injury claim. As such, it will be important that we examine your losses thoroughly so you can be made whole after all you’ve been through.

Of course, you should be compensated for your medical expenses and the money you lost from not being able to work, but you should also be repaid for an inability to earn to your fullest potential, as well as for any property that was damaged in the wreck. These are often referred to as economic damages.

That’s not all. You should also fight for compensation to cover the other damages you suffered, such as lost enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, and the emotional turmoil you likely feel. These intangible losses are just as important as the ones that come with a bill, and you should be compensated accordingly.

Houston Car Accident FAQ

If you’ve never been involved in so much as a fender bender, the entire claims process might seem like too much of a burden to bear when you’re also dealing with serious injuries.

Fortunately, we’ve made it a little easier for you to prepare yourself for what’s to come with this quick vehicle accident FAQ. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if all of your concerns haven’t been addressed on this page, but you can ask additional questions during your initial consultation with your vehicle accident lawyer in Houston.

Also known as exemplary damages, punitive damages are difficult to come by, as they are only issued when a judge determines the actions of the defense to be detestable, or that they were deliberately attempting to cause you, or someone else, harm.

For example, if the driver who hit you intentionally swerved, it’s possible you’d be awarded exemplary damages; whereas being struck by a distracted driver means it’s unlikely that the judge will issue a punitive damages award to your claim. In any case, your attorney will be able to answer this question in greater detail after a thorough review of the circumstances surrounding your crash.

It is absolutely possible to get out of going to court while still securing the compensation you’re owed. In order to do so, we will need to be able to negotiate with the insurance company for a reasonable settlement offer.

As you know, the insurer is more than likely not going to be willing to fork over a settlement that appropriately reflects your losses, but if we can’t get the insurance provider to see reason, then we’ll be prepared to bring your case before a fair-minded judge and jury.

Texas’ statute of limitations will affect any civil lawsuit that heads to court. Essentially, claimants who are unable to get their claims filed within two years from the date of the collision can expect to have their claims barred from being heard.

The statute of limitations will always be two years, though it may not start running until a later date if you weren’t diagnosed with an injury relating to the crash until sometime after the accident itself. You should discuss the details of your case with your attorney if you are unsure of when the statute of limitations began running for you.

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Pursuing a car crash claim isn’t going to be easy, but it will be worth it if we are able to obtain the settlement you deserve. When you’re ready to fight for the money that you need to move forward with your life, speak with a Houston vehicle accident lawyer at Crain Brogdon, LLP..

Injury victims across the state can schedule a free claim assessment with our firm by picking up the phone and calling our office at 214-522-9404 , or by completing the online contact form we’ve included below.


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