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Summertime is when families get together and hang out in public spaces. In Dallas, summer is often accompanied by blistering heat.  What better place to hang out and at the same time cool off than at a water park?

Water Parks and amusement parks are excellent choices for families to have fun and connect with one another. However, fun at the water park is not risk free; accidents are more common than you may think.

Thousands of parkgoers suffer injuries ranging from mild to fatal ones. Drowning is one of the most common accidents that occur in water parks. Drowning accidents can be fatal or non-fatal, and they have devastating consequences. Drowning accidents are the leading cause of death for children between 1 and 4 years old.

More often than not, these accidents are preventable and often result from the negligence of park owners/employees or may arise due to faulty park equipment from manufacturers. When a loved one suffers such a devastating injury, it’s hard to think of whom to hold accountable for the tragic occurrence; allow us at Crain Brogdon to help guide you through this unfortunate event.

No amount of money can genuinely right all that has gone wrong. However, compensation may help with the burden of expensive medical bills and other costly damages that arise from the negligence of others.

Park owners are often ready with a fleet of lawyers to prevent you from seeking compensation for the pain and suffering inflicted on you and your loved one. With their lawyers looking for an opportunity to trip you up, it is in your best interests to refrain from engaging with them personally.

Our team of professional water park injury lawyers is here to help you fight your battles to ensure you gain the best possible outcome.

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How Our Dallas Water Park Drowning Lawyers Help

We recognize how devastating such an occurrence can be emotionally and physically. Our team of competent lawyers will fight tooth and nail to give you the compensation you deserve. If you are wondering why you should employ our services at Crain Brogdon, we are known for . . .

  • Our experience in the courtroom and unceasing pursuit of your best interests, to provide you with the best outcome. Quentin Brogdon, our firm leader, has over three decades of experience.
  • Providing free consultations for your case at no cost at all. We get paid when you win.
  • An impressive winning record. We won a $1,364,430 net settlement in a faulty railing injury case.
  • Developing personal relationships with our clients. We don’t just represent you; we fight for you.

Our decades of experience and competence have made us stand out among our competitors. Our commitment to your cause has endeared us to our clients. Let us fight for you.

How Does Water Park Drowning Happen?

There is always the risk of drowning at water parks. While parents and guardians try to monitor their children or wards, accidents can happen in seconds. There is often an issue of overcrowding in water parks, making it difficult to adequately safeguard everyone present.

With young and old at risk, drowning may occur for various reasons. Parkgoers could fall off a slide, hit their head, and be unconscious while in the water. Some park activities are seen as having less likelihood of drowning, but drowning can occur even in shallow water.

Drowning may occur due to the negligence of:

  • Park owners who fail to do due diligence by maintaining park equipment and grounds to prevent avoidable accidents
  • Park operators and employees who do  not adhere to safety standards in safeguarding guests at the park
  • Guests’ not following rules and safety practices to protect themselves from coming to harm
  • Manufacturers of park equipment and structures delivering faulty equipment to the park.

Any of these may result in drowning, which, when not fatal, may have dire consequences such as brain damage. Parks are often overcrowded while being understaffed, which poses a severe risk to guests’ safety.

Shortage of essential park employees such as lifeguards increases the risk of deaths or non-fatal drownings. Attendants and instructors must know about the present risk and do their best to prevent or instruct parkgoers of inherent risks.

Who Is Liable for My Water Drowning Injury?

In the heat of the moment, the last thing on your mind is looking for who to hold responsible for the injury suffered. Some facts may be lost due to inattention. Our experienced lawyers at Crain Brogdon, LLP investigate the facts of the tragic occurrence to determine who is accountable.

Parties who may be individually or jointly responsible for your injury include:

  • Park owner/management
  • Park attendants/employees
  • Manufacturers of park equipment.

They may be individually or jointly liable for your injuries. Armed with the facts, Crain Brogdon will aggressively pursue each party and build cases against them accordingly.

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How do you determine responsibility for water park drowning?

The facts of the particular incident determine the responsibility of the parties. And no two cases are absolutely identical, so every case is unique. However, four essential elements can be used to prove responsibility.

  • Duty For a party to be responsible for injuries suffered by you, they must have a duty to you. In the case of a water park, the owners, management, and staff are duty-bound to keep you safe or provide the necessary equipment to ensure your safety and provide you with such equipment. They are also required to keep the facility well-maintained to avoid causing harm to guests.
  • Breach of duty The party must have failed in their duty.
  • Causation Failure to carry out this duty has resulted in harm to you. Their actions or inactions have resulted in an accident and caused injury to you.
  • Damages The duty that has not been carried out that resulted in injuries and damages to you can be proven in court.

FAQs about Water Park Drownings

Does Comparative Fault (negligence) matter when calculating damages in Dallas? 

Once the responsible party for the drowning is identified, the next question is, What is the comparative fault rule of Dallas? What factor might your negligence play in determining damages?

The applicable rule is the modified comparative formula used to determine the level of responsibility of parties and the allocation of compensation. In this case, the court will find you responsible to the degree to which you are at fault, and that percentage will be deducted from the overall compensation. For example, if you are 30% responsible for the accident and the defendant is 70% responsible for the injury, for which damages overall amount to $1,000,000, you will receive $700,000.

Our Dallas water park drowning lawyers will investigate the facts of the events that caused the injury to determine where liability lies and to what degree.

Did I Waive My Rights to Sue?

Many guests do not pursue legal action against responsible parties because they think they have signed liability waivers that absolve park owners and management of all responsibility. This is, however, a misconception. Parties who, through their negligence, cause harm to guests may be held liable for their actions or inactions.

While water park owners may try to disavow all liability due to this waiver, the injured party is not without legal recourse. The court may disregard the waiver in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

Should I Engage the Water Park Directly?

Park owners and their lawyers would look for every chance to extricate themselves from the responsibility of your accident. It would be in your best interests to employ the services of a personal injury lawyer In Dallas.

At Crain Brogdon, we have experienced lawyers who will take up your cause and work to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

How Much Does a Water Park Drowning Lawyer Cost?

We provide free initial consultation on your case. Our fees are a percentage of the final award. We get paid when you win, so you don’t need to pay any fee upfront. There is no reason for you to delay; contact our water park drowning lawyers today.

Are You or Your Loved One a Victim of Water Park Drowning?

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