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When Fun Times End in Harm

Six Flags theme parks have been providing quality entertainment to the public for years. Although these venues are generally safe, there have been accidents where park-goers have been hurt or killed, often through no fault of their own.

If this has happened to you or a loved one, you may be entitled to significant compensation for your damages, and our Six Flags accident injury lawyer can help.

Six Flags and other theme parks have an enormous responsibility to keep their patrons safe. Each year, the company rakes in billions of dollars in profits. When an accident occurs on one of their campuses, they should be held accountable when appropriate and pay for their negligence.

At Crain Brogdon, this is what we do every day. We help injury victims get the payouts they are owed to help them cover the cost of dealing with their injuries, from medical bills to loss of wages. If you are dealing with an injury from a Six Flags Park, call 214-522-9404 to speak with a Six Flags injury attorney about your case.

Texas Six Flags locations are no stranger to accidents. Residents of Texas know all too well that Six Flags deaths occur and that people get injured from time to time. If you live in the state, you may have heard of the Poltergeist roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas. Since 2007, it has caused at least three major accidents, including the paralysis of a young rider in 2013.

How Our Six Flags Accident Injury Lawyer Can Help

We Fight to Make Insurance Companies Pay What You Deserve

Six Flags parks in Texas routinely pay for major and minor accidents. For mega businesses like this, it is a cost of doing business. However, just because a park compensates an injury victim doesn’t mean that payout is adequate. It takes a seasoned injury attorney to get big insurance companies to pay what they owe.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Our Six Flags accident injury lawyer will advise you not to entertain any offer that falls short of what you’re owed. Low-ball offers are what you should expect just after an accident. It is the starting point for insurance companies that seek to minimize valid injury payouts.

Through fierce negotiations, Crain Brogdon’s personal injury attorneys force insurance companies to increase their compensation offers until a just number is reached, even if it means filing a lawsuit and going to trial.

Compensation for an Accident at Six Flags

Unfortunately, Six Flags deaths can occur, as well as various accidents. When you suffer an accident at a Six Flags park, you may face significant losses, depending on the nature of your injury. As you can imagine, the more debilitating the injury, the more losses one accrues.

Generally speaking, these are some of the types of damages you may incur after suffering an accident at a Six Flags amusement park:

  • Loss of the ability to earn income
  • Significant medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium.

If a park’s negligence caused you injury, you don’t have to suffer through your injuries or accept a woefully inadequate payout. You are entitled to have your losses covered by Six Flags. When our Six Flags accident injury lawyer at Crain Brogdon represents you, they fight to make sure your damages are calculated justly.

Why Choose Crain Brogdon to Handle Your Case?

We Never Stop Fighting for Our Clients

With decades of experience under our belts, we are more than ready to handle the injury cases that come our way. We have dealt with all manner of personal injury claims, from slips and falls to wrongful deaths, and we have recovered significant compensation that helps people put their lives back together.

When you choose Crain Brogdon, you get a team of competent professionals ready to represent you vigorously, not to mention a firm that cares deeply about its clients. Our clients become part of the Crain Brogdon family and have our attention around the clock.

As our client, you get the benefit of a firm with:

  • Decades of quality legal representation throughout the state of Texas
  • Over $350 million recovered for our clients
  • Award-winning attorneys who care
  • Nationally known go-to law firm for media analysis.

Our reputation for accepting only maximum compensation for our clients precedes us. Let our Six Flags accident injury lawyer fight for you. Call 214-522-9404 today.

How Accidents Happen at Six Flags

When you think of Six Flags accidents, you may envision situations involving roller coasters and rides. Although these accidents occur, many incidents — such as slips and falls — have nothing to do with the rides.

In fact, some Six Flags accidents occur in ways you may not imagine, such as the accident in the summer of 2021 at the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown water park. A chemical leak exposed hundreds of visitors to dangerous chemicals, including sulfuric acid, resulting in multiple serious injuries. Over 200 people brought suit for their damages.

When rollercoasters are involved in accidents, an analysis of the facts often includes a failure dealing with the passenger’s seat or restraint. In July 2013, a woman died after experiencing a major failure in her seat’s safety mechanism. She was thrown from the car and fell 75 feet. Her family won a wrongful death claim for their losses.

Fortunately, not all accidents cause Six Flags deaths. But many are serious enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. If you have suffered an injury at a Six Flags or another amusement park, you deserve to have your losses compensated if the park was at fault.

What to Do After an Accident at Six Flags

After an accident, your safety is of utmost importance. After that is taken care of, it’s time to consider the evidence. Although amusement park accident scenes are often chaotic when fresh, it is just after an accident that the evidence for your case is at its strongest.

Get Medical Attention

Everything else is secondary to your health after an accident. Make sure to contact first responders immediately and get your injury stabilized. Eventually, you will want to go to a hospital and have a thorough examination and report, which should happen no matter how small your injury is.

Get a Supervisor or Manager

Report the accident immediately to a supervisor or manager. Ideally, the company will make a report of your accident that will be referenced later in the claim. The report should accurately reflect the facts of the incident.

Contact the Authorities

Although small injuries may not seem police worthy, filing a police report after an injury is a sound idea. The report they make will be key to establishing your case for damages.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Don’t let an insurance company convince you to accept a settlement without speaking with an attorney. You need to understand the true value of your claim before you can judge whether the insurance company’s offer is a just one. You also need professionals who know the proper procedures and deadlines involved in compensation cases.

Crain Brogdon lawyers have decades of combined experience to bring to bear on your case. If you are looking for quality, caring representation for your Six Flags accident case, contact our offices at 214-522-9404.

Frequently Asked Questions About Six Flags Accidents

We’re Here to Help You Understand Your Options

Please review the questions and answers detailed below. They consist of the most common inquiries we receive from our clients. We hope you find the information you are seeking.

Amusement park injury claims are governed by the personal injury statute of limitations, which stipulates that claims for personal injury must be brought within two years of the date of the injury. An important exception to this two-year time limit is when the injury victim is a minor.

When the injured person is under 18, this injured person has two years after their 18th birthday to file a personal injury claim. However, if the parents file on behalf of the minor, then the normal statute of limitations provisions apply.

Yes. You may still collect compensation if you contributed to your accident. In Texas, injury victims who played a role in their own injury may collect damages when their percentage of the fault is 50% or less. This means if you are found to be 51% responsible, you collect nothing.

Determining the degree of fault is one of the most important stages of the compensation process. You need a skilled advocate to fight any attempts from the insurance company to increase your percentage of the responsibility. Put simply, the more responsible you are deemed to be, the less money you will get for your losses.

Six Flags accident injury attorneys typically work on a contingency basis, meaning their final fee depends on the amount of compensation their client receives. As such, attorneys who work under these terms typically do not ask for any money upfront.

In many cases, you may be able to get a payout within weeks of an accident. However, any payout received that quickly will likely be far too low to cover your damages. Make sure to consult with an attorney to get the compensation you deserve.

According to the facts of your case, a personal injury lawyer will be able to give you a decent idea of how long your case may take. Keep in mind that if the insurance company is being unreasonable and the case goes to trial, your payout may be delayed significantly but would likely be larger if the case is successful.

Without knowing the specific details of your case, it’s hard to calculate how much your case is worth. Remember, if you settle early with the park’s insurance company, you may not be getting the true value of your claim. As stated earlier, insurance companies try to avoid paying out a claim’s full value and would love for you to accept a quickly paid low-ball offer.

At Crain Brogdon, we routinely recover significant compensation for our personal injury clients. If we take your case, you can expect us to shoot for the maximum compensation allowable for your losses.

Contact us today for more answers to your questions. We take pride in keeping our clients up to speed and informed about their cases and the laws that control them.

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We are happy to sit down with you and discuss the details of your case. We believe it is important for injury victims to know their rights and options. Our Six Flags accident injury attorney will review the facts of your accident and discuss your potential compensation in light of the damages you have suffered.

The free consultation will give you a clear idea of what lies ahead. Call 214-522-9404 today.


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