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It’s unsettling when you buy a product in good faith and it ends up causing you significant injuries. If you’re suffering from injuries due to product malfunction, contact a product liability attorney in San Antonio to fight for full compensation from the liable manufacturer.

When we buy products, we’re trusting manufacturers to test these products and make sure they’re safe for the public. When a product malfunctions and leads to significant injuries, it can be traumatic, and the physical and emotional recovery process can take months. Often times, manufacturers will avoid responsibility because the cause of the accident can be unclear.

At Crain Brogdon, LLP, a San Antonio product liability lawyer can help investigate your defective product claim by determining who’s at fault for your accident. We’ll work to maximize your compensation by calculating the total losses you’ve suffered and by holding the negligent parties accountable.

Common Defective Products

There’s a long list of products that can be claimed as defective in a product liability lawsuit, with some of the most common being auto parts, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, children’s toys, household appliances, and electronics. All of these items have a high risk of personal injury, which is why they go typically through many rounds of safety evaluations before being released to the public.

When a product is proven defective after being released to the public, it can be a big deal for the manufacturer and their reputation, which is why product liability claims can be hard to win. Most companies don’t want to take the blame for the defect. Your product liability attorney will be your key resource in investigating the accident that occurred to collect every relevant detail.

Determining Manufacturer Negligence

Determining manufacturer negligence in a product liability claim can be complex, because there are many different parties that could be responsible for causing the malfunction of the product. A product goes through many people and processes before getting to your hands, so it can be unclear what exactly happened in between.

The development, manufacturing, distribution, and sales team can all be proven liable in your case, and sometimes, all parties can be held liable if one party can’t be pinpointed. Your product liability lawyer in San Antonio will be on your side when taking on a large manufacturer as a defendant. You can focus on recovering while knowing you have an experienced legal team in your corner.  

Full Compensation for Your San Antonio Claim

When assessing the value of your product liability claim, your attorney will consider both economic and non-economic damages. The damages you’ve suffered will depend on your specific injuries, but some of the most common damages that will be examined include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Consult a San Antonio Product Liability Attorney

Suffering from injuries caused by a product malfunction can leave you with trust issues and an unpredictable road to recovery. A qualified lawyer at Crain Brogdon, LLP will work to determine who’s at fault for causing your injury and can help you seek full compensation for the damages you’ve suffered.

To have a San Antonio product liability lawyer review your case, you can call us at 214-522-9404 or fill out the contact form below and schedule a free consultation.


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