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You’ve suffered enough because of an accident that you didn’t cause. Receive justice and monetary compensation by filing a claim against the party that hurt you with help from a San Antonio injury attorney at Crain Brogdon, LLP.

Most of us do all we can to prevent injury and accidents, but we can’t prevent every accident every time. Sometimes, others are to blame for the accidents that hurt us, and they can be held accountable for their negligence. If you or someone you know has been harmed or killed because of someone else’s negligence or wrongful behavior, you have options.

Submitting an injury claim against the person who harmed you is your right. Winning a claim can be difficult, especially if you’re dealing with serious injuries. You will likely need some assistance with investigating your accident, proving fault, filing claim paperwork, and working out a fair settlement with the at-fault party’s insurer.

Working with a San Antonio personal injury lawyer is a smart move. Your attorney will work toward winning you the compensation you deserve. That means you can focus on recovering from your injuries and the trauma of the accident.

Understanding Which Kind of San Antonio Personal Injury Case You Have

A person can be injured in many different ways, and which type of accident you were injured in is important to your case. Different Texas injury laws apply to different types of injuries.

For instance, if a dangerous product injures you, your case would fall under product liability laws. If a negligent doctor injures you, your case will fall under laws that govern medical malpractice cases.

Knowing what caused your injury is also important to understanding who is liable for your injuries and damages. For instance, although you know you were injured in a vehicle collision, you will also need to know what caused the vehicle collision in order to hold someone liable for your losses.

Below, we list some of the common types of personal injury cases, which your San Antonio injury lawyer knows how to handle:

Investigating Your San Antonio Injury Claim to Prove the Fault of the Liable Party

When you’ve been hurt in an accident not of your making, you’re likely wondering: Who do I submit my injury claim against? That’s obviously a vital question that you will need to have the answer to. In order to determine who is liable for your accident and suffering, you will need to figure out what or who caused your accident.

For example, if you were involved in a vehicle wreck, you must figure out what caused the crash in order to file a claim against the person responsible. Did a drunk driver cause your wreck, or was it caused by a defective auto part?

Once you ascertain what caused your crash, you’ll have a better idea of who is to blame. If a defective part caused your wreck, then you will know to file your claim against a negligent manufacturer. If a drunk driver was the person responsible for the collision, then you would submit your claim directly against the driver.

How do you figure out who was to blame? You will need to examine your accident, gather evidence, prove what happened, and who was responsible. For instance, if a drunk driver was to blame for the vehicle accident in the example above, you could use witness statements and traffic cameras as evidence of fault.

Here are some of the types of evidence your San Antonio personal injury attorney can use to prove the fault of the party responsible for your accident:

  • Witness statements
  • Police and accident or incident reports
  • Logs and documentation
  • Expert testimony
  • Video and photo evidence
  • Physical evidence at the accident scene

The Role the Insurance Company Plays in Your San Antonio Injury Claim

If you’ve never been injured in an accident caused by someone else, you might not know how the injury claim process works. You might think that you will sue the person who caused your accident directly. You can do that, but it won’t likely get you anywhere, unless the person is very wealthy. That means you will be dealing with insurance companies in order to recoup the losses you’ve faced following your accident.

If you are injured on a homeowner or business owner’s property, for instance, you will likely be submitting your claim against the owner’s home or business insurance policy. If you’re injured in a vehicle crash, you will use the at-fault driver’s car insurance policy.

No matter which type of case you have, when you’re dealing with insurance companies, you need to know one thing: They aren’t on your side. They don’t want to pay out on injury claims, because every time they do, they lose money. They will do everything possible to avoid paying you the compensation you rightly deserve.

Sometimes, insurers will use underhanded techniques to lower your claim’s value, or they will reject your claim outright. Below, we outline some of the tactics that insurance adjusters use when dealing with insurance claims:

  • Offer you, the accident victim, a fast and insultingly low settlement that doesn’t adequately provide for your losses
  • Threaten to take you to court
  • Record your phone conversations so they can twist your words against you later
  • Accuse you of some of the responsibility for the accident
  • Dismiss your injuries, saying they aren’t as serious as you are suggesting

The Settlement You Deserve for a Personal Injury Accident in San Antonio

Although dealing with insurance companies is difficult, it is a necessary step in the injury claim process. The insurer is the one that will be paying for your damages.

It’s up to your San Antonio injury accident attorney to see that you are compensated fairly. Your lawyer must gather evidence of all the losses you’ve sustained, so that you can be compensated for everything this accident has put you through.

You can be compensated for the monetary damages you’ve been forced to deal with because of the accident, and you can be compensated for how the accident made you suffer. You shouldn’t have to pay for an accident you didn’t cause, and you should receive a sense of justice for what a careless person has put you through.

Here, below, are some common damages paid out in personal injury claims in San Antonio:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical treatment costs
  • Lost life enjoyment
  • Mental trauma and related treatment
  • Physical therapy expenses
  • Lost income and permanent disability
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Property damage

Reach out to a Personal Injury Attorney in San Antonio

If you believe that your injury was the result of another’s negligence, you have every right to file an injury claim. Filing and winning a claim can be challenging, and some types of claims are more difficult to prove than others. Securing legal assistance with your claim is usually in your best interest.

A San Antonio personal injury lawyer can investigate the accident that injured you, gather evidence of fault, and get you the fair compensation you deserve. Contact an attorney at Crain Brogdon, LLP. to tell us about your accident during a free claim review. Call 214-522-9404 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this webpage.


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