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San Antonio Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

It’s a devastating feeling when your elderly loved one is abused in a nursing home, but with the help of a nursing home abuse attorney in San Antonio, your family can seek justice and fight back against the liable parties.

When your loved one experiences abuse in a nursing home, you can feel helpless and extremely guilty for putting them in that situation. Nursing homes promise to treat the elderly with respect and proper care, but not all nursing home attendants or residents live up to those promises. Occasionally, abuse and neglect can happen in nursing homes, and this mistreatment should never be taken lightly. You should speak with a San Antonio nursing home abuse lawyer to see if you have a case.

At Crain Brogdon, LLP, our attorneys are experienced in handling nursing home abuse cases. We can work with you and your family to investigate the incident in question and see that if abuse or neglect have taken place, the responsible parties pay for their actions. Your loved one deserves compensation for their suffering, and we’ll do all that’s possible to ensure the maximum settlement is won.

Identifying Nursing Home Abuse

When you put your loved one in a senior living facility, you expect that they’ll be well taken care of. To confirm that this is true, there are multiple ways to identify elder abuse. Some of the things you may notice that can help you identify abuse or neglect when you go to visit your loved one include:

  • Personality or mood changes
  • Bedsores, which can develop when your loved one is left in bed for too long
  • Unexplainable cuts or bruises
  • Worsening or development of illnesses from a lack of medication
  • Bad hygiene, such as body odor from not bathing
  • Lack of communication with you or your family members

These signs may show abuse or neglect because nursing home attendants have an obligation to care for your loved one by properly bathing, medicating, moving, and interacting with them each day. If your loved one is acting out of the ordinary or you notice changes to their body or behavior, this could be a sign in some cases that something is wrong with their care.

Nursing Home Abuse Claim Types

When filing a nursing home abuse claim, there are various types of claims that can be filed. Abuse can come in different forms, and it’s important to determine what form you think is happening to your loved one before filing. The main forms of nursing home abuse include physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and neglect.

Examples of physical abuse include hitting, pinching, slapping, or pushing elderly patients. Sexual abuse can involve inappropriately touching patients without their consent. Psychological abuse may include belittling, yelling, blaming, or teasing the elderly patient. Neglect involves lack of care, such as not bathing the patient or not giving them their medications.

Determining Fault in an Elder Abuse Lawsuit

When trying to determine who’s at fault in your nursing home abuse claim, your San Antonio lawyer will investigate the abuse using video footage, photographs, medical reports, and witness testimonies. Once it’s determined who caused the abuse, that abuser can be held liable, but the nursing home facility can be held liable, as well, since they’re responsible for watching over all of the attendants.

Possible parties that can be held liable may include:

  • Staff members
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Visitors
  • The nursing facility
  • Other residents of the facility

Receiving Compensation for Your Suffering

Once a defendant is named in your case, your attorney can begin calculating your overall claim value. When looking at the suffering your loved one has endured, the damages can be divided into economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages will include ways in which the abuse has affected your loved one financially: for example, medical expenses, lost wages, and property damages.

Non-economic damages will likely be a big factor in your loved one’s abuse case because these damages are ways in which the abuse has affected their lifestyle. These can include emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and more.

Reach Out to a San Antonio Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Experiencing elder abuse in a nursing home can be difficult for the entire family. More than anything, you’ll want to do something to ensure your loved one is removed from an unsafe situation and never harmed again. At Crain Brogdon, LLP, we’ll guide you through the legal process and do what we can to ensure you and your loved one can find peace again after the trauma you’ve been through.

We’ll pull out all the stops to maximize your settlement amount so that, while your loved one heals, they won’t have to worry about any financial stress. If you’re ready to speak with a San Antonio nursing home abuse lawyer about your claim, you can schedule a free consultation now by calling 214-522-9404 or by filling out the contact form below.


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