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Being injured in an accident because of another’s recklessness is already a difficult experience, but now you have to deal with the challenging process of filing an injury claim, too.

You don’t have to go it alone—contact an injury lawyer in Houston for help. We are ready to answer your questions during a free case consultation. In the meantime, here are some answers to questions we regularly receive.

Common Questions in Houston Injury Claims

Can I file an injury claim if I hold some responsibility for the accident?

Yes, you do have the ability to file a claim against a negligent party even if you share some of the responsibility for causing the accident, as long as you weren’t more than 50 percent to blame. Your damages will be reduced by the amount of blame attributed to your actions.

Did I wait too long to file a claim for a personal injury?

Following your Texas accident, you have a two-year limitations period in which you must submit your claim. Failure to submit within this period of time will result in an inability to file a claim for damages against the at-fault party.

Can I receive financial reimbursement for mental health issues and treatment?

Yes, you can add mental health issues caused by your accident to your injury claim. You can also include pain and suffering, cost of mental health treatment, loss of life enjoyment, medical expenses, and many other damages to your claim.

How can a lawyer help with my Houston injury claim?

Your lawyer can help in many useful ways. They will review your case, help you gather evidence to prove fault, calculate your damages, put together claim paperwork, and deal with insurance companies. They can also take your case to court if that becomes necessary.

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