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Fort Worth Nursing Home Abuse

If your family member has suffered from abuse while living in a nursing home, contact a nursing home abuse attorney in Fort Worth for help holding all liable parties legally responsible for their actions.

When we place our elderly loved ones in nursing homes, we do so in order to make them feel protected and cared for at all times. Nursing homes are meant to give our loved ones the consistent and personalized attention that we, as working adults, can’t always provide. It’s unfortunate that nursing home abuse occurs, and it’s important to be aware of the signs.

At Crain Brogdon, LLP., our lawyers understand nursing home abuse on a legal level. We can investigate your family member’s case and determine whether abuse is taking place. We’ll gather evidence that’s required by the courts to prove negligence and obtain the compensation your family should receive for the suffering you’ve experienced.

A Fort Worth nursing home abuse lawyer will ensure the abuse stops and no further abuse can happen in the future.

Unspoken Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

When abuse happens, it can be hard for the victim to speak up. Especially when the victim is elderly and vulnerable, it’s important as a family member to look for common signs of abuse, just in case. Some indicators that abuse or neglect may be taking place include changes in behavior or personality, lack of communication, unexplainable cuts or bruises, bedsores, bad hygiene, and worsening of illnesses.

Any of these signs can mean your loved one isn’t receiving the proper treatment they need, including daily medication, bathing, movement from their bed, social interaction, and overall gentle and loving care.

Types of Abuse and What They Entail

Abuse can occur in a number of ways and your nursing home abuse attorney can categorize the abuse that your family member is experiencing once they’ve thoroughly investigated the incident. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and neglect are the four most common types of abuse that happen in nursing homes.

Physical abuse may include hitting, punching, slapping, or hurting the patient in any way. Sexual abuse involves inappropriately touching the patient without their consent. Psychological abuse can involve manipulating, yelling at, blaming, or belittling the patient. Neglect can involve not administering the patient’s medications, ignoring their needs, or failing to bathe them properly or consistently.

Who Can Be Sued in a Texas Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit?

Usually, the nursing home attendant who’s abusing the patient will be identified specifically and can be sued personally. However, the nursing home itself can also be sued because their management team was responsible for caring for your loved one. The nursing home is liable for the actions of anyone working there and should’ve been more aware of its employee’s actions.

Reach Out to a Fort Worth Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Abuse of any kind can be devastating for both the victim and the victim’s family. When an elderly patient is the victim of abuse, the suffering can be especially severe for all involved. At Crain Brogdon, LLP., we’ll fight to ensure you and your family receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

To speak with a Fort Worth nursing home abuse lawyer about your case, fill out the contact form below or call 214-522-9404 for a free consultation.


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