Fort Worth Car Accident FAQ

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Fort Worth Car Accident FAQ

A car crash can change your life and leave you lost and disoriented in the process. When this happens, you need answers. 

When you’re struggling with the aftermath of your accident, a Fort Worth vehicle accident FAQ can help get you started. At Crain Brogdon, LLP., we understand that you may not know where to start, so check out some of our most common questions to see where you can start and how we can help.  

What are some common injuries in vehicle accidents? 

If you’re involved in a vehicle accident, your injuries may be severe. Although seat belts and airbags help save lives, they can’t stop all injuries that can happen during a car crash. For example, the following injuries are just a few of the major ones you might suffer as a vehicle accident victim:  

Who’s at fault for my accident? 

Texas is a fault state, which means the person responsible for your accident is financially responsible for the resulting damages. Typically, that means the insurance company or the person who hit you is responsible for your recovery. However, other factors, such as parts defects or road hazards can affect your claim, so speak to a Fort Worth attorney before you file a claim.  

I might have been partly at fault for the crash. Can I still sue? 

Even if you believe you were partly at fault, it’s best not to accept blame. Although you’ll still be able to sue, your compensation could be reduced because of your part in the wreck. For example, if you were found 20 percent at fault for your accident, you might receive only 80 percent of your compensation.  

If my child was injured in a wreck, can I sue on their behalf? 

Injuries to your child can be difficult for the family, and worse, they don’t have the same legal rights to sue as an adult. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have options.  

Typically, your child’s statute of limitations doesn’t start until they become an adult. That gives you and your family time to prepare a claim or act on your child’s behalf with a lawyer.  

What if a loved one was killed in an auto crash? 

Sadly, your family member’s accident may have turned deadly, leaving you and your family grieving and seeking justice. When the worst happens, you and your family may need help seeking closure and the finances you need after their death.  

Fatal accidents should be compensated, so your family may be eligible for compensation in the wake of a wrongful death. Speak to your lawyer about how your family can act now.  

Get Answers with a Car Accident Attorney in Fort Worth

If you’re struggling in the aftermath of a car crash, you don’t have to face your claim alone. Instead, you can reach out for help getting the answers you need.  

At Crain Brogdon, LLP., we know how complex your claim can be, and now, you may be looking for answers beyond a Fort Worth vehicle accident FAQ. Fortunately, we can help, starting with a free consultation about your crash. To get started, reach out by calling 214-522-9404 or by completing the online form below.   


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