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Austin Broken Bone Lawyer

Bone breaks are oftentimes far more serious than people think. For help holding whoever is at fault for the cause of your injury accountable, reach out to an experienced broken bone lawyer in Austin.

No matter what bone you’ve broken, your life could be permanently impacted by the break. Whether your break is severe enough to keep you in a cast for months, required surgery, or has left you dealing with chronic pain, there are seemingly endless ways a broken bone can influence your life. For these reasons, you may be looking into what your options are for obtaining justice.

Your highly trained Austin broken bone lawyer at Crain Brogdon, LLP. will do everything possible to get the most out of your case. We’ll investigate to determine who is to blame for your broken bones and calculate how much you should be entitled to recover from the individual or entity whose negligence caused you serious injury.

Common Causes of Bone Breaks

Broken bones can be caused by any type of accident where a part of your body comes into contact with something stronger than your bones can handle. One of the most common causes of bone breaks include motor vehicle accidents involving buses, trucks, cars, and motorcycles. However, you could also suffer a broken bone if:

For help establishing cause and fault in your case, you need an exceptional broken bone attorney to build your case so you can ideally be awarded the full repayment you deserve.

Suing for the Compensation You Deserve for an Injury

In many cases, you will need to first file a claim with the liable party’s insurance company to obtain the maximum settlement allowed by the insurer. Whatever losses exceed this settlement can then be sought in civil court.

You may be surprised to learn that you can obtain compensation for your lost wages, pain and suffering, damage to your earning capacity, lost quality of life, emotional distress, property damage, and, of course, full coverage of your medical expenses.

There are several other types of losses that could be included in your broken or fractured bone claim, so your attorney will need to be informed of every single way your life has been negatively impacted by your bone injuries. That way, these losses can be taken into account when calculating the value of your Austin broken bone claim.

Meet with a Broken Bone Attorney in Austin

When you have broken a bone due to the recklessness of another and you aren’t sure how to get them to repay you, get in touch with a qualified Austin broken bone lawyer at Crain Brogdon, LLP.. We will stop at nothing to secure maximum compensation for all you’ve been through.

Due to the challenges injury victims across Austin are forced to deal with, we try to make obtaining your award a little easier by offering complimentary claim reviews. To take us up on your free consultation, you can give our firm a call at 214-522-9404 or submit the brief contact form located at the bottom of this page.


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Quentin Brogdon has over thirty years of experience and expertise in the field of personal injury trial law. He is board certified in both personal injury trial law and civil trial advocacy. Quentin has received an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell, the highest possible rating. This rating reflects an attorney’s ethics and abilities according to reviews from fellow attorneys. [ Attorney Bio ]

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