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18-Wheeler Accidents

Accidents involving 18-wheelers occur frequently throughout the country. If you’ve been injured in a truck wreck and another party’s negligence played a role, reach out to an 18-wheeler accident attorney in Austin to file a claim.

It can be uncomfortable as a vehicle driver to share the road with an 18-wheeler. Whether you’re on the highway or on the city streets of Austin, it’s never fun to drive next to or behind a truck that’s ten times your size. Truck drivers have less visibility and less control behind the wheel than vehicle drivers. When 18-wheelers get in accidents, the risk for injury and death is vastly increased.

At Crain Brogdon, LLP., our attorneys have handled many truck accident cases. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident and you weren’t at fault for the wreck, an Austin 18-wheeler accident lawyer from our team can help you identify the liable party in your case. Our team will support you through the legal process so you can recover with less financial stress and a better sense of closure. 

How 18-Wheelers Cause Accidents in Austin

Although 18-wheeler accidents in Austin can occur for many reasons, they can often happen due to issues involving the truck or the truck driver. Truck drivers take on enormous responsibility when they get behind the wheel because they have the potential to do a lot of damage with the slightest mistake.

A truck driver may cause an 18-wheeler accident in Austin if they’re speeding, distracted while driving, driving under the influence, improperly changing lanes, failing to yield, or drowsy while driving. An 18-wheeler may also cause an accident if cargo isn’t loaded properly or if a part malfunctions, such as the brakes or tires. Your 18-wheeler accident lawyer in Austin can help identify what caused your wreck.

Types of Truck Accident Injuries

Because of the size of 18-wheelers, these accidents can often lead to severe and life-altering injuries. If a truck falls onto your vehicle, you may experience broken bones, spinal damage, or a traumatic brain injury. Trucks often catch on fire when they wreck because of the cargo they carry, so you may also suffer severe burns in an Austin 18-wheeler accident.

When someone else’s negligence changes the course of your life because you suffer a significant injury, they should have to compensate you for this damage. It’s likely that a settlement won’t heal your injuries, but the money can help you get the best possible treatment and make recovery more comfortable.


Contact an Austin 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

Once you’ve identified whom to sue for your 18-wheeler accident in Austin, maximize your claim by accounting for your intangible losses as well as your financial losses. Intangible losses, also known as non-economic damages, can include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, scarring and disfigurement, and emotional distress.

At Crain Brogdon, LLP., we understand how hard it can be to go through a traumatic truck accident. We’ll do our best to get you the settlement you deserve. To speak with an Austin 18-wheeler accident lawyer, fill out the contact form below or call 214-522-9404 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.


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